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Maintaining a home can tie you down. You often need to be in two places at once. Nexia is the answer that keeps you connected. It gives you simple remote access to your home systems—locks, lights, thermostats, cameras, small appliances—via the web from your smart phone or computer. So you can take care of your home, visitors and all the details of managing your home, at any moment, from anyplace.

  • Easily set schedules to activate lights and manage temperatures.

  • Let in friends, workers or new renters from across town or across the country.

  • Receive text or email alerts when the unexpected happens, such as a sudden temperature change.

  • Take care of things you forgot to do: lock a door, switch off a light.

  • Uneasy feeling about your house? Just check Nexia and be sure.

Control At Your Fingertips


Comfort, & Efficiency

Saving money on your utility bills is good. Being comfortable while you do it is even better. Nexia makes a mobile way for you to access and precisely control your home’s heating, cooling and general energy usage. Nexia can put control in your hands to add a new dimension of efficiency you’ve never had. Manage thermostats, lighting and other small appliances from anywhere for a happier, greener home life.  

  • Create “comfort zones” by scheduling or adjusting Trane thermostats on separate floors or the whole house.

  • Remotely adjust heating or cooling for your arrival home, or reset after you leave.

  • Conserve energy by managing your home thermostat from anywhere

  • Turn lights on and off—and other home electronics—to save even more.

  • Get text and email alerts about temperature changes.

Safety and Security

Security is a lot more than strong locks. It’s also reassurance when you forget, reminders when you need them, and knowing the state of your home and family. Nexia puts you in control by letting you manage and communicate with your home and its security features—locks, lights, sensors and more. Here are just some of the ways you can use Nexia to manage security at any home or rental property you own:  

  • Unlock a door for a guest when you’re at the office or running an errand.

  • Assign housekeepers or babysitters scheduled lock codes for one-time or limited recurring access.

  • Set Nexia to send you alerts when situations at home need your attention.

  • Use wireless cameras to see for yourself what’s going on when you’re away.

  • Trigger the lights to turn on when a door is unlocked so you never have to walk into a dark house,

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